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Personal Injury Representation

If you or a loved one is injured or killed through negligence, you want an attorney who knows how the other side thinks. 


In addition to successfully representing accident and malpractice victims, Nicholas Dell'Anno has spent years consulting and advising insurance companies on the potential defenses of their claims.  This experience can help advise you against potentially fatal pitfalls to your case.  

Trial Counsel

Intense preparation and strategy.  

Utilizing technology for visual presentations of key evidence.

An intuitive and logical approach to jury reasoning.  

These are but some of the principles that our firm utilizes to build a strong foundation for courtroom success.  

Dell'Anno Law PLLC is trial counsel to a number of outside personal injury law firms, as well as to insurance defense counsel.  We welcome cultivating new relationships, and would be pleased to discuss how we might benefit your firm and your clients.  

Deposition Services

Depositions are often where cases are won or lost, long before a case goes to trial.  That is why it is imperative to ensure a case strategy is fully in place before the first deposition. 


Each question asked needs to bear that strategy in mind, while keeping an ear out for answers that offer opportunities to explore alternate strategies mid-deposition.  

You need an attorney with a keen ear and sharp intuition to ask the crucial questions that might otherwise have been overlooked.  You need an attorney who will uncover potentially vital documentary evidence and witnesses that not only might greatly enhance your chances of winning, but might be used to attempt to ambush your client at trial at a time when you haven't had the opportunity to adequately develop your counterattack to that evidence.  

Mr. Dell'Anno's sought-after depositions have received praise from leaders in the personal injury field, and we take an immense amount of care during this stage of vital discovery.  Post-deposition memorandums include recommendations for further discovery to seek, as well as potential further strategic implementations to your case.

We welcome your inquiries and the opportunity to serve your clients.  


Dell'Anno Law PLLC offers competitive rates on appeals for personal injury and medical malpractice matters.  

Contact us today to explore how we might meet your appellate needs.  

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